Hedgehog Conservation Project

Here is a blog post I wrote for The Royal Parks Foundation recently, along with a short video I made about the Hedgehog conservation project they were working on. Its not perfect but a good piece for my portfolio nonetheless. Let me know what you think! http://www.supporttheroyalparks.org/news_and_updates/blogs/1246_late_night_volunteering_to_capture_hedgehogs_on_film

I have also uploaded some Images to Flickr that I took whilst documenting the project: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yusufakh/sets/72157649263458145

Christmas holidays trip to The Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales

This year (2013-14) I wanted to make the most of every day I have off college so when the Christmas holidays came along I wanted to take the opportunity to continue working on a project I have been working on for a few months now… For the past few years I have been really keen to get into Time-lapse, so when I finally learned how to capture them with my DSLR a few months ago, I was hooked! I have been practicing with time-lapsing sunsets and clouds moving across the sky and have really enjoyed it but after a while I wanted something a little different to time-lapse. I decided I wanted to capture some star time-lapses after being inspired by what I had seen on the web so I started looking for locations. Initially I wanted to go to the Lake District but I was told by a friend on twitter that the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales was one of the best places in the UK for stargazing and therefore a good location for time-lapsing stars! I did some research and ended up booking a cottage for 4 days and when the 27th of December came me and my dad packed all my gear into the car and headed for Wales! I ended time-lapsing the whole journey!


When we arrived in Wales at the cottage we unpacked all the gear and I transferred the car journey time-lapse onto the hard drives to be compiled when I returned to London on New Years Eve.

IMG_0989 IMG_1128

The next morning me and my dad walked up a smaller mountain close by and got some amazing views of the surrounding landscape and the nearby reservoir!

IMG_1076IMG_1061 - Copy

Unfortunately with only 4 days I couldn’t revisit this location with my DSLR so these images taken with my Iphone will have to do!

As well as photographing Star time-lapses I also wanted to photograph daytime time-lapses, do a little bit of landscape photography and also photograph waterfalls.

I managed to visit some pretty amazing locations whilst I was in Wales and I got some nice images…

IMG_1140 IMG_1187 IMG_1277 IMG_1098 IMG_1084 upload1 upload 2 _15B0429 finalpano

1 2 3 4 5

I also edited a short montage with clips from the trip along with some recently photographed timelapse sequences. This will be available to watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/4Adms1_pjMc

I have got some really nice timelapses which I am going to hold back for while as I am using them in a film which will be uploaded later on in the year.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed looking at the images!


Richmond Rut

Last year I photographed the Red Deer Rut at Richmond Park for the very first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This year I went back for some more, however with a different focus, this time I was after some footage of the deer instead of Images!

I first visited last Saturday and found that the Rut hadn’t fully kicked off yet, all I saw was a few stags bellowing and a group of young stags practicing fighting with each other. Also the beautiful light and mist wasn’t there.

This morning I went back, I got there at around 5am and waited for a while. I finally went in through the pedestrian gate at around 5:45am and was overwhelmed by the amount of mist! I could barely see four meters in front of me, however I could tell already that It was going to be a great morning!

Me and another cameraman who I am working with at the moment quickly got to the location that we filmed at last week before first light and set up our gear. One of the photography techniques I have been having a go at recently as you may know is Timelapse. I really wanted to capture the sun rising over the park so I set up my gear and waited for the sun to emerge from the mist. The other cameraman I was with headed off into the forest in search of the Deer.

At first I was after a wide shot and as the sun started to rise I got a timelapse going, then after a little while the mist started to rise and the visibility was again quite poor so I stopped the timelapse and prepared for another closer up shot of the sun rising. Luckily after a few minutes the mist cleared a bit revealing the sun rising behind it! I quickly pressed the start button and the cameras started shooting. Bellow are two shots, one from each timelapse I shot.


Unfortunately the timelapses wont be uploaded any time soon as I am working on different timelapses as part of a project I am currently working on, so as soon as I finish the project they will all be uploaded as a montage or a short timelapse film.

Towards the end of shooting the second timelapse some young Male Red Deer walked out right in front of me, so I couldn’t help getting some Images of them.


I hope to go back a few more times before the Rut comes to an end get some more footage, hopefully of some stags fighting!

Anyway I hope you liked the images, I will be sure to post more Images on twitter in the coming weeks so follow me on twitter if you haven’t already @wildyusuf

Thanks for reading!



Last weekend I went In search of Bluebells! I have seen bluebells in my garden and in the local park but just a few bluebells in a flowerbed isn’t what I was after, I was after a spectacle which we in the UK are lucky enough to have in the spring every year. I wanted so see a beautiful British woodland carpeted with bluebells for as far as the eye can see! After doing some research online and after being tipped off that there was an amazing bluebell woodland by a friend I was off to film and photograph the amazing flowers! I Also found some Rapeseed fields on my way there so I got some images of them as well!

I hope you like them!

A Rapeseed field  A Rapeseed field at sunset

A Bluebell woodland  Sunset bluebell

A woodland home  A Bluebell woodland